About us

Blackbeard Fishing Co.’s mission

Blackbeard Fishing Co.’s mission is to make our clients’ travel and fishing dreams come true.

To world class service to anglers looking to live the adventure of a lifetime by fishing in the most exotic destinations

A place where all fishermen come to find the information and tools necesary for that ultimate fishing adventure.

Blackbeard Fishing Co.’s vision

The vision for the Blackbeard Fishing Co. is to be the #1 international fishing consultancy by making our clients feel like family. At BBFC we wish to enhance each angler’s experience by sharing our knowledge of travel, cultures, conservation, and fishing.

The Team

Captain Esteban “Blackbeard” Gutierrez

Owner, Director of Operations

image8Captain Esteban “Blackbeard” Gutierrez is a Navy veteran who separated from the service in 2008. Since then he has been fishing the waters of the Caribbean, North, Central, and South America. During his military tenure, he was able to fish in some prime fishing spots in the South Pacific and Caribbean only to fuel his passion for the sport. Fishing has been Esteban’s obsession since he was a little boy growing up in Costa Rica. He is now the Owner and Director of Blackbeard Group, LLC., an International Fishing Consultancy. He is also a charter captain guiding in Southwest Florida and Costa Rica. The Captain is also a member of the Southwest Florida Kayak Anglers Association and Coordinator of the Southwest Florida Heroes on the Water Chapter, where he is in charge of organizing special events and fishing adventures.

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Esteban decided to take his passion into the next level and Blackbeard Fishing Co. (BBFC) was born. His company’s mission is to make his client’s travel and fishing dreams come true. BBFC is a place where anglers come to find the information and tools necessary for that ultimate fishing adventure.

Although Esteban’s area of expertise is the Americas, he continues to fish all over the world while participating in different marketing promotions, tournaments, fishing events, and trade shows. Esteban now manages two sports fishing operations in Costa Rica, Hotel Ecoplaya and Lagos de Santa Teresa. He shares his passion for fishing every chance he gets. He has facilitated fishing seminars for Florida Sportsman, West Marine, local kayak fishing shops, the Costa Rican Board of Tourism, Oklahoma State, Florida Gulf Coast, & Hodges Universities. His passion and knowledge of the sport has allowed him to bring his clients from all over the world face to face with the fish of their dreams.

Esteban’s goal is to promote conservation and grow as an angler by sharing his love for traveling, learning different cultures, conservation, and of course… fishing.