Consulting Services

Blackbeard Consulting Group, LLC

Blackbeard Consulting Group, LLC (BBCG) specializes in customized marketing and communications plans designed specifically to meet the needs of each client. Our professional team is committed to helping clients achieve their organization’s objectives through an array of marketing and communications strategies. Services offered through BBCG, are proven public relation and marketing tactics implemented by experienced and creative industry professionals.

Blackbeard Consulting Group, LLC’s (BBCG) strategy-based consulting services will help your organization find new ways to connect with clients. The strategy phase of our consulting services is where this marketing consulting firm unites insight, creativity, planning, and execution to drive your organization’s success.

When partnering with Blackbeard Consulting Group, LLC, you become an extension of our creativity, experience, and network. Allow us to be the force that drives your marketing strategy so you can focus on running your business and creating the best fishing excursions for your guests.

Blackbeard Consulting Group, LLC’s Products and Services

Marketing Solutions

·      Marketing Consulting

·      Marketing Plans

·      Demographic Research

·      Multimedia Presentations

·      Market Research

·      Sales Letters


Business Printing

·      Business Cards

·      Logo Design

·      Brochure Design

·      Newsletter Design

·      Envelopes and Letterhead

·      Flyer Design

Advertising Services

·      Advertising Budgets and Logistics

·      Media Production and Logistics

·      TV Commercial Production

·      Radio Spot Development

·      Tradeshow Participation


·      Web Site Design

·      Web Site Hosting

·      Electronic Newsletter Design and Distribution

·      Online Marketing

·      Social Media Management